Riyo Mori and Oprah Winfrey wearing the same dress?

People.com ran an interesting article.

Apparently, back in Feb Oprah wore the same Gucci dress that Riyo Mori wore when she was crowned last week. People has pictures, and there are a tonne of comments about which one wears the dress better.

Oprah Winfrey and Miss Universe Riyo Mori

  1. voxy

    Someone with curves that range in between the both of them can carry the look better, I feel.

  2. shandi

    riyo looks better than ophra… but ophra also looks good…

  3. A

    Mori all the, come on she’s Miss Universe!!!

  4. kayden

    i think oprah also pulled that good ole japanese look, i mean… hey, there is the japanese version on the miss universe winner and the african-american version on oprah.

  5. zoe

    i think they both look cool but……

  6. loly

    i think that oprah fill it out better than mori..!

  7. Ciara

    oprah looks better than her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only in the dress

  8. j

    Hmm Riyo looks soooooooooooo much better, no offense oprah, but did you win miss universe?

  9. I found one dress close like that at ebay but with leopard print roberto cavalli style!

  10. Henna

    Well…I personally think that it looks better on Riyo Mori, although it looks good on Oprah, I, personally think it looks better on Riyo Mori; I mean, she IS Miss. UNIVERSE! =D

    But fo you know who else would look good in this dress…?
    Vanessa Hudgens.

    You try to picture it! It looks good how I’ve pictured it!
    Because Riyo and Vanessa have similar skin tones which brind out the dress more, if you know what I mean, and Vanessa has good bone structure, which helps hold the dress, she’s also curvy, so she’d tone the dress more than Riyo does.

    xx peace

    PS: This is only MY opinion (and the 40 other people in the room who are right behind me, watching me type!) so YOU don’t have to agree with it unless wou think that I’m right!😀 (Which, I think, you should! :D)

  11. summer

    this is for j…
    k oprah may not have won miss universe but i mean she’s done soooo much! broken racial barriers, gotten through a tragic childhood i mean come on oprah is amazing!!! her good carma is just glowing; she definitley wears it better :))

  12. Emma

    Oprah wears that dress way better than that stick in a dress.

    Curvy women all the way!

  13. I think Oprah looks way better in this dress IMHO.

  14. Amy

    i love it it looks so good on opra !!

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